Keep your course out of the data roach motel


Imagine working hard to create your course only to find the content of your course is stuck inside a course-hosting website. Some of our competitors will get your course stuck in their data roach motel. If you see a site offering a free online course-development tool, you can bet your course will be stuck in that site’s data roach motel.

We want your course to always be available to you to deliver to your customer in any way you need now and in the future. So, we want you to use any commercial authoring tool to create your course including the free authoring tool we provide with your account. You can use any popular authoring tool that supports SCORM (the industry leading standard that defines how your course communicates with eLearning course-hosting sites). With our free authoring tool or any of the other popular authoring tools, your course and all of its content is created on your computer (or on the computer of your course-developer). When you are done creating your course, you just upload the course to our cloud-based servers.