SCoC course also needed for MS Partner colleagues not working in MS projects?


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am currently preparing my list of colleagues to whom I will assign the annual training course.

When reading through the “User Guide Training Manual” I was wondering on page 2 (“Suppliers shall administer and track annual SCoC training to their managers, employees, and agents and ensure that they understand and comply with the contents of the SCoC, the applicable laws and regulations and generally recognized standards…”) if my colleagues who are the main contact person for MS in our role as Gold Partner and who are e.g. involved in the Microsoft Partner Center (MPC) also need to pass the training?
Or is this training only intended for my colleagues who are actively involved providing services in MS projects (which are most easily identifyable for me)?

Thanks in advance for your clarification and kind regards,

Heike Barther