Selling multiple copies of a course to a company


Let’s say you have been selling your courses to thousands of individual customers. That’s great! Now a large company calls you and tells you they want to license your course for 5,000 of their employees. After you finish your celebration dance you think, how am I going to license my course to a company. We’ve got you covered. Our eLearning Courses platform has a “customer groups” feature. The customer groups feature lets you define:

  • The name of the company you are selling your course(s) to.
  • The courses you want license to the company.
  • The maximum limit of courses that can be assigned to employees of that company.
  • One or more administrators inside that company to assign your courses to employees (so you don’t have to do this work).
  • An email sent to the employees when the course is assigned to them.

You can create as many customer groups as you like. Each group administrator can get a report that shows the status of their employees with the course(s).